Susan Sixty-Five​ reviews Sight and Sinners. ‘This story is in-depth and solid. It encompasses a wide range of emotions and takes the reader on a trip inside the lives of these two amazing men, and also the guys from book one, as well. I especially loved Leslie; Eddie and Taylor’s room mate from the first book, and was so hoping that they were each other’s love interest… at first, but I easily fell for Draven and accepted that Leslie and Taylor could only be friends. I still need a Leslie story though…he is simply awesome.’

Susan, I’m glad you got past Draven’s moodiness ! You can’t always have characters that are warmth and light from the beginning, at least that’s my take on the real world. People are arseholes sometimes, and I like to reflect realism in my books, not tweeting birds, honey and sunshine.:) Thanks for the review and for hosting me on your wonderful blog. And Leslie is next to have his story told, probably towards the end of May.